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Percutaneous L5S1 Interbody Fusion (AxiaLIF)

GolfAxiaLIF (Axial Lumbar Interbody Fusion) is a a new, minimally invasive alternative approach to traditional fusion procedures at the L5S1 level.

During the procedure, Dr. Aryan accesses your low back through a 1-inch incision next to your tailbone. The center of the diseased disc is removed, and bone growth material is inserted in its place. This material helps stimulate bone growth over time in order to fuse that segment of the spine.  Next, the AxiaLIF implant is inserted to distract the two vertebrae, meaning that any height lost from degenerative disc disease is restored to its original, healthy disc height. Dr. Aryan may or may not add posterior hardware for further stabilization of your spine after the AxiaLIF procedure has been performed.  The procedure is minimally invasive,so the scar is very small and hidden in a skin crease.  The procedure carries less risks than a traditional "open" surgery. AxiaLIF does not cut through important tissue or nerves; therefore, the healing process is quicker and there is less post-operative pain commonly associated with traditional fusion surgery. The AxiaLIF procedure time is about 45 minutes on average, and patients have been released from the hospital in as little as 24 hours, returning to work in as little as 15 days.

Illustrated Guide to the Procedure

Step 1
Before The AxiaLIF Procedure
  Step 2
Access to the Diseased Disc is Obtained
Step 3
Center of the Diseased Disc is Removed
  Step 4
Bone Growth Material is Inserted in Place of the Diseased Disc
Step 5
Lost Disc Height is Restored and the Spine is Stabilized

Surgery for Spinal Disorders - Lumbar

Surgery for Spinal Disorders

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