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Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion (ALIF)

The Operation


Interbody Fusion

Incision - The disc space is approached through an incision. The muscles are not cut because they run vertically and can be moved to the side. The disc is removed by excising the front portion and removing the disc material back to the spinal canal. This removes the inflammatory proteins within the disc.

Spacers - Temporary spacers are impacted into the empty disc space disctracting and realigning the vertebral bodies into the proper position. This maneuver opens the collapsed foramen (nerve canal) and lifts pressure from the pinched nerve roots.

Reamer and Thread Tap - A hole in the vertebral body is created using a reamer and a thread tap. A threaded titanium cage is packed with bone graft and then screwed tightly into the hole. The threaded cage replaces the distraction plug and maintains the proper position of the vertebral bodies.


Temporary Plug Removed - The other temporary plug is removed and the hole is made ready for the second implant. The other implant packed with bone is inserted.

Incision Closure - The incision is closed and the bone graft will grow through and around the implants, forming a bone bridge that connects the vertebral bodies above and below. 

Surgery for Spinal Disorders - Lumbar

Surgery for Spinal Disorders

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